Summer Services


Summer's here, the days are hot and you’re wishing you’re at the beach or pool side not out trying to get that old lawn mower going that only starts when it wants to. 

Instead you could have Baxter’s Four Seasons Lawn Care carefully watching local weather patterns and your lawn to ensure it is being cut as it is needed. We pay extra attention to the length as it is critical in keeping your lawn green and healthy during these ever increasing warmer summers.

During the summer we are also busy applying our summer lawn fertilizing which is part of our lawn care program.  

By appointment in the summer we also are providing monthly trimming of small hedges and bushes to help keep your property looking its’ best throughout the summer months.

We look forward to hearing from you and quoting on the summer season needs of your property.

We offer our summer lawn care services to the Cobourg, Baltimore and Southern Rice Lake areas.