Winter Services


The sun is setting much earlier and the weather has gotten colder. Winter snow is on its way.

Baxter’s Four Seasons Snow Service provides snow clearing to your residential or small business. We use snow blowers and hand shovels exclusively. We cater to those driveway and sidewalk owners who do not want their property damaged by uncaring snow plow operators who can destroy your lawn with a drop of the blade.

The advantage in heavy snow winters is that we can spread any snow evenly over your property, avoiding any large piles of snow placed in areas at the end of your driveway which could affect you safely exiting your driveway.

We also shovel sidewalks and front walkways making sure you can easily and safely get in and out of your house.  Baxter’s will salt driveways and sidewalks only during freezing rain occurrences where the ice is going to stay around and not melt without salting.  We only use rock salt and wish to only use it when it is really needed.

We look forward to hearing from you and quoting on the winter season needs of your property.

Our snow services are only available through a snow contract basis and inside the town of Cobourg limits.